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Every collection Liesbeth takes her gang “THE NEWSTREET EXPO’S” into a different time and environment inspired by various groups and gangs. Imagining how they will act and what they will look like, but always keeping their own identity.
The “NEWSTREET EXPO’S” are a group of creatives. They use their bodies as a canvas, proudly wearing their own art and their own symbols. The HAND is the “NEWSTREET EXPO’S” symbol. It stands for creativity and they use a range of hand signals to communicate with each other.
The style of the NEWSTREET EXPO’s is ‘Street Chic’. A combination of the relaxed and free feeling of street wear combined with a stylish tailoring; a relaxed elegance.


Pictures by: Boris Lutters

Jewelerry/accessoires: LIESBETH STERKENBURG x Michelle Zwinkels

Bags: LIESBETH STERKENBURG X Annemarie Sterken

Styling: Pascal Joël Weber

Models: Marijn Brinksma – Shabani Rajabu – Hannah de Jonge – Babs (IBTM talent management)

location: Home of artist Kinke Kooi x Roland Schimmel