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Every collection Liesbeth takes her gang, “THE NEWSTREET EXPO’S” and puts them in a different time and environment. Imagining how they will act and what they will look like.

The “NEWSTREET EXPO’S” are a group of creatives spending their nights on the streets, filling empty city walls with their own art. They use their bodies as a canvas, proudly wearing their own art and their own symbols. The hand is the “NEWSTREET EXPO’S” symbol, as they use a range of hand signals to communicate with one another.

For this collection she was inspired by the 70’s the Bronx. Around that time there were a lot of aggressive gang’s, making the streets unsafe. But then the gang’s made there peace and a new period started in which new groups formed with creatives and artists. Instead of fighting with violence, the fought there fights with poetry during raps and moves in there dance battles.

With these vibes Liesbeth visualized what the “NEWSTREET EXPO’S” would look like during this period.

For the bags in this collection Liesbeth collaborated with bag designer Annemarie Sterken. Annemarie is specialized in making bags and together with Liesbeth they made a range of accessories that fitted with the collection.